What Price Glory? now available.

WPG cover front.indd

A very successful launch of this new anthology at Eaton Bank Academy last Monday. The book is already close to selling out! An immediate reprint is planned. It costs a mere £3 and all proceeds are going toward the restoration of the Congleton Cenotaph. Copies will be available to buy from Congleton Museum and Congleton Tourist Information.


About John Lindley

Poet and Creative Writing Tutor
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2 Responses to What Price Glory? now available.

  1. harryowen says:

    Sounds interesting, John – but is this an anthoogy of favourite WW1 poems chosen by schoolchildren or is it their own poetry in response to WW1 poetry? And Eaton Bank ‘Academy’ – when did that happen?

  2. John Lindley says:

    It’s their own poetry, Harry. It came out of workshops I ran with primary and secondary schools in the area. Not sure when Eaton Bank gained ‘Academy’ status. 2 or 3 years ago at a guess.

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