Below are details of collections of mine currently in print and still available to buy. All other collections are now sold out.

cover front

From Cwmdonkin Drive to a ‘bronze unlikeness’ on a wet Swansea night, John Lindley goes in search of Dylan Thomas. He’s given the key to Thomas’s front door, examines the ink stain on an abandoned suit hanging in a museum. He follows the legends, the pints and the shots, wryly inspects the artefacts – photographs, cuttings, recorded speech. All that’s left is the voice, but what a voice. It echoes through John’s rhymes, half-rhymes and line-breaks, the rhythm and the assonance. Not as a slavish homage or pastiche, but a felt presence – always the music, always the voice.  Phil Williams, Poet.

Price £5 + £1.24 post & packaging. Cheques payable to ‘John Lindley’. Please send to 26 Albert Place, Havannah Street, Congleton, Cheshire, CW12 2AJ.


Screen Fever

Screen Fever, the latest collection from poet John Lindley, is published by Pinewood Press.

Unlike many of the subjects – “cinema’s luminaries” – there is nothing showy or overblown in John Lindley’s sequence which ripples with fascination and delight as it luxuriates in “the shimmer of the silver screen”. As expected, given the subject matter, “the stars and the sex and the scandal”, the writing is a gallery of visual detail couched in fresh imagery, skilful puns, song-like rhythms and rhyme, and variety of form. Poem after poem brings these “giants that walked upon the screen” into realistic perspective with humour, wit, and enviable craft. This is poetry that is underpinned with irony and insight and which speaks honestly and humanely – accessible, memorable, moving and slick without ever being meretricious.                                                       Roger Elkin, Poet

 John Lindley’s poems are always shaped by a dry wit, but he keeps an eye on the wider picture. Comedy, tragedy and close observation in one volume.                Jo Bell, Poet 

This is a rippling, romantic, roaring sequence of poems, all memorable, tragedy, comedy, irony end to end.         Rob Morgan, Writer and Reviewer                            

Price £7 + £1.60 post & packaging. Cheques payable to ‘John Lindley’. Please send to 26 Albert Place, Havannah Street, Congleton, Cheshire, CW12 2AJ.

The Casting Boat – sold out

The Casting Boat is published by the prestigious and long-running poetry publisher, Headland.

Headland have been responsible for the publication of some of poetry’s leading lights, not least the current Poet Laureate, Carol Ann Duffy.

Lindley’s is an acutely observed world…(his) poetry is sexy, lyrical and by turns melancholic.” Keith Armstrong, Link

John Lindley’s poems exist in the twilight world between the merely fanciful and the genuinely disturbing” iota

Price £7.99 + £1.31 post & packaging. Cheques payable to ‘John Lindley’. No longer available. 


House of Wonders

Reactions to House of Wonders:

A superb collection, perhaps his best work to date. From inception and conception, through design and layout to the last line of the final poem it’s great.”

The Death of Houdini is not just a fine poem, it is a great poem, with inspired imagery. I hope it makes it into the anthologies of time, for it both fits perfectly into the sequence but would sparkle alone. But sparkling in a bed of fine poems. I have read the book twice and look forward to picking it up again soon. And whoever designed the layout deserves the publisher’s equivalent of an Oscar.”

The poetry in this book has to be some of Lindley’s best. Right through to the end with Ascension, Recollection and Headstone the subject’s life is captured in such a clear and understanding way. Super poems.”

Price £7.95 + £1.15 post & packaging. Cheques payable to ‘John Lindley’. Please send to 26 Albert Place, Havannah Street, Congleton, Cheshire, CW12 2AJ. 

Signed copies of books are available from John Lindley. To order: phone 01260 273219 or email

My 5 previous collections – Cheshire Rising, Scarecrow Crimes, Stills from November Campaigns, Cages and Fields and Pacific Envelope – are no longer available.


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