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Making a distinction between song and poetry, 2016’s Nobel Prizewinner for Literature said in 1965, “A song is anything that can walk by itself.” I believe that I understand exactly what Bob Dylan meant by that. What he didn’t say was that a song first needs help in getting to its feet. This is what I’ve attempted to do here with some of the ones that I’ve written and co-written alongside my poems over the years – to take lyrics and chords that were frozen on pages, thaw them into sound and get them up and walking. I’ve been fortunate in having had a great deal of help from others in giving them that lift.

For their various forms of assistance in helping me see this reckless ambition realised, my sincere and heartfelt thanks to:

Ann Beedham, Robert George Fox, Linda Goodier, Jane Harland, John Harland, Sandi Marshall, Gervase McGrath, Amy Wakefield, Gareth Williams and Visyon.

My particular thanks go to my partners in crime – Chris Wood and John Forrester – who were on board at the beginning of this rocky ride and made it to the end without falling off.

John Lindley

Price: £10 + £2.58 post & packaging. Cheques payable to ‘John Lindley’. Please send to 26 Albert Place, Havannah Street, Congleton, Cheshire, CW12 2AJ.

Copies are also available by calling in A & A Music in Congleton and The Old Saw Mill in Congleton.

All profits from the sale of this CD are being donated to charity.