Crossing the Divide

American artist Daniel Bonnell talks about Crossing the Divide

Crossing the Divide is a collaboration of poetry and painting coming together to form a third medium that is quite undefined and mysteriously beautiful. The result is art that allows the viewer or reader to enter into a wider world to each titled piece. That door may be to a room that makes the reader question and disagree with what they see and read. Another door may enter into a room that has another view that is far grander than they ever had faith to imagine or see or read.

Though we do not agree with the same theology within every poem, there is plenty of room for a meaningful collaboration. We are divided by an ocean and faith but that makes Crossing the Divide more mysteriously beautiful. I am honoured to work with such an important artist.

John Lindley, in turn, says that, “The range of Daniel Bonnell’s paintings somehow achieves a feat rarely found in other bodies of religious imagery – that of communicating without proselytising. Intriguing, challenging and inspirational, his paintings often appear to me as open-ended. Most importantly they arrive at the eye and the senses with a generously open heart.”

John Lindley has chosen the paintings he feels inspired to write about. There is no conversation about his selection. There is no influence or censorship from myself. This project is not about right or wrong choices on the stage of Christianity. Within art there are no mistakes. The heart leads the mind. With John and his choices, it is as if each painting was a found object, and a poem followed.

The end result of this project will be a collection of 52 poems and paintings which will become a book published in the near future.

Daniel Bonnell

5 Responses to Crossing the Divide

  1. Alan Harrison says:

    I went to a talk last night in Kelsall (UK), where John Lindley read his poems relating to some of Daniel Bonnell’s paintings (not all 50+). Absolutely fantastic! The words and the pictures combined so well that the two were transported into a higher, third dimension – at times abslutely breath-taking. Thank you, John and Daniel, for an evening’s experience which will live in my memory for a long, long time. The sooner you get published the better, please.

  2. freda smith says:

    Thank you John for such an journey last night in Alsager,an evening that made a memory for me & I took home the image of Christ in many forms not least the 3 cans of beer on the opposite chair, what a sign of both Christ & friendship

  3. Mr S M Pennell says:

    watched it and heard it in frodsham great poems and amazing art a unique show catch it if you can

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